Such an important part of your house that shouldn’t be forgotten

While I love rugs and they are everywhere in my house, I always make sure I am dealing with a professional company who know every little detail about every rug they sell as well as companies that provide an exquisite level of customer service.

The Rug Store!

Whether you’re after a single rug you’ve been after for years or you want to browse through their rugs online, The Rug Store offers the complete package for your rug venture. Persian rugs, blue rugs, runners, carpet rugs, big, small, long, thin – they have absolutely everything you can think of that is associated with the word rugs.

Even more importantly, Danny and Noah who when I bought my rug I was in contact with, are the nicest guys you can deal with in business! They always have time to talk to you through various issues or questions you may have and are always on top of their work to ensure your rug is delivered on time.

There is not a facet of this business that is sub-standard and one that I will continue to use for all my rug needs.

Stylish & Modern Glass Pool Fencing

I recently thought I’d surprise my partner and invest in a new pool fence as a surprise for his birthday- not the typical present, but he absolutely loves he backyard and has been hinting at one for a while now. I received a few quotes and decided on Haven Fencing in Melbourne. They seemed like a very reputable company, had a great variety of options available and quoted me a very reasonable price.

The glass pool fencing Melbourne specialists did such a fantastic job with not only arriving on time, carrying out the job in the allocated time frame, but they were really friendly and professional. We have now decided to go with them and invest in automatic sliding gates for the driveway as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any fencing solutions.

Get your business on the front foot

Promotional products are proving to be a crucial tool that separates various businesses in their respective industries. The ability of a business to get their brand out there and create brand awareness cannot be underestimated and should be looked into further.

This is where Wholesale Promotions Warehouse steps in and fills the void that no other company can. Including promotional pens and promotional lanyards, Wholesale Promotions Warehouse stocks a huge range of products that can have your brand printed on them. Different items suit different businesses and tailoring to the individual (business or person) is what Wholesale Promotions Warehouse does best.

Promotional office accessories are the one area of the business I really liked because it gives your office environment a bit of spice and flavour. I think it really motivates employees and gives off a good look to clients and prospective clients when pens, pen holders, mugs and notepads are all branded with the company logo.

Wholesale Promotions Warehouse is a very impressive company who deliver results to the consumer in the form of the best promotional products in the country.

Buy Something They Will Use

Not the most popular gift ideas ever, but stationery and office goods can be a practical gift idea. I know I love getting new office supplies, because I find myself forgetting to, or neglecting to get new stationary goods. This website I found is dedicated to selling a huge range of 2013 diaries and office supplies at affordable prices. The delivery option also makes for a very convenient gift!

Get organised now and buy yourself a 2013 diary and have it delivered to anywhere in Australia. The website shows all the available products and clearly describes them and their prices. I think it’s so useful and the fact that you can order right from your desk at work- means you will never forget another pad or pen!

Kitchen Renovations Make A Happy Wife

What more could I ask for than the perfect kitchen for my birthday? I absolutely adore our newly refurbished kitchen. The kitchen designs that the Perennial team came up with were perfect for our lifestyle, home and budget. The kitchen cabinet options almost blew my mind, whatever I wanted seemed possible. They have such a great selection of modern and traditional options with all the latest in convenient options and extras.

The kitchen renovations didn’t take as long as I expected either. They were efficient and were on time. They did what they say they would and when they said would. I really love the way it flows into the rest of our home too, I think they have done a superb job and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Indulge Your Loved Ones This Christmas

I couldn’t think of a more fun, more useful gift than a big Christmas Hamper full of my favourite things! That’s why this year, I have decided to spoil my friends and family and buy them Christmas Hampers instead of a boring gift, they may never use. The gift hampers from Christmas Hampers Sydney are well worth it, as they are professionally created and packed and always look fantastic when they are delivered (I’ve bought a few).

The best thing about these as presents is that they are delivered, which is always fun, and they will be used by the recipient. They are a fun idea and the fact you can fill it with whatever your recipient likes, makes it the perfect present really! Love the idea and can say I would be more than happy with this for my Chrissy pressie this year!

Gorgeous & Jam Packed Christmas Hampers

Jam packed Christmas Hampers are a great gift for family and friends over the festive season. Christmas Hampers have traditionally been a fun gift to receive, but even more so with these fantastic options offered on this website. The hampers vary in size, price and contents.

Choose the style of hamper that suits your recipient best. If they love chocolates and lollies, fill a hamper with that. If they love their wine- spoil them with some wine. The choice is up to you and the options are endless. I love this gift hampers idea! And I love the fact I don’t have to drive around and shop all day for the perfect gifts for all my family and friends around the busy Christmas time. And the best thing is I can get organised right now and not be stressed in the last few weeks before Christmas.

What a concept!

When I heard about The Mystery Shopper concept I was completely bamboozled. I didn’t know what it was and how it actually worked and then someone explained to me that you get paid to go shopping. I thought again, how could this actually be true? Well believe it or not, it is! The Mystery Shopper is a revolutionary business concept that looks to investigate the way the industry works by employing individuals to go to places and shop!

I know it still sounds like a crazy idea but the concept behind it is a fantastic idea. The developing market is in desperate need of constant investigation as to how businesses operate and The Mystery Shopper is one step ahead of everyone else in identifying this.

Imagine being employed to go shopping! That would be the best job and I am actually going to refer a few of my friends who are shopaholics to apply for jobs with them because the way the business works is perfectly tailored to them.