Christmas isn’t the same unless you get what you want

There is no better feeling than putting a smile on a young kids face on Christmas morning. Every year there are plenty of kids who miss out on Christmas gifts because of affordability issues and Christmas Hampers Sydney has identified this issue and endeavour to provide a range of affordable hampers to anyone who is in need. The hampers come in a delicious (no pun intended) range including corporate hampers, gift hampers or food hampers and you can even tailor your own hamper to ensure you get exactly what you want on the biggest day of the year.

Being an avid shopper come Christmas time I am always looking to reduce my spending and maximise the quality of my purchases. I always buy presents for my children, for my friends and for a lot of work colleagues because I have such a strong belief in the fact that those closest to you and the ones that help you out should always be rewarded on what I believe to be the most important day of the year. It is a day during the year where all family and sometimes friends get together and respect our religion and understand how fortunate we are to have each other and to celebrate each other’s company. As for my work colleagues, I believe they are the key cog in my business and because they do such a good job, I provide them with a Yarra River Cruise with unlimited finger food every Christmas and believe they should be equally rewarded.

After last year’s shopping extravaganza and my debut with Christmas Hampers, I cannot wait to make my Christmas purchases from them again. My two daughters were so happy with the hamper I got them, one was full of chocolates and lollies and the other full of little toys. The variety was amazing and tailoring your own Christmas hamper was something that made life a lot easier!


A Gorgeous Gift Too Big To Fit In A Box

Recently I moved into a new home and we furnished our place with gorgeous rugs from Hali. I found them whilst walking by their store in Richmond, Melbourne, recently. I thought I’d just pop in and have a look. But I got stuck in there for ages! They have the biggest range of gorgeous, beautifully finished carpets and rugs I have ever seen. The sizes vary greatly, the styles and the colours, there is literally something in there for every style of room, you could imagine. The staff were also so polite, professional and helpful, which made shopping in there so pleasant.

Hali have a great selection of modern rugs, in store and also shown on their website. I have been searching online and checking out their latest products, to ensure I don’t miss out on anything I truly must have!

So recently I have decided to buy my parents one for their home. I think it’s a beautiful gift idea. Why not? It’s something they will use, something they will see every day and I think it will really brighten up their living room and make it a cosy place to be.  It’s a gift I know they will love, and I’m really looking forward to presenting it with them for Christmas. It’s something a bit different, not the everyday gift in a box!

When I shop somewhere and I’m pleased with the products looks, durability and price, I am happy to recommend them. But when all of this combined with such excellent service, I want to keep returning and giving them more business. That’s why I am so happy to purchase a gift from Hali. They have beautiful Persian Rugs in Melbourne, which helps, but the price point and service that comes along with it, makes the purchase very easy and enjoyable.

As they say, Christmas is a time for giving. And I usually stress myself out with trying to find something for mum, dad, the friends, the family and the colleagues. And I usually like to find everyone something a little different. This year I can safely say I am pleased with my parents’ gift and I know they will love it and will appreciate the thought that went into it! I couldn’t recommend Hali more highly. For your home, or someone else’s, check it out!

Smell Your Way To The Perfect Gift

A worldwide bond, a tie that brings worlds together, a cultural link – the power of coffee beans. What is more pleasant, more peaceful and more enjoyable, than the perfect cup of coffee? How does one cup bring so much joy to ones day? America, Australia, Greece and Japan, it doesn’t matter where you are, wherever in the world you are you are more than likely to find a new method to drinking a cup of coffee. A new bean, a new brewing process and new guidelines for drinking this cup appropriately.

I have always been interested in Australian Coffee, as I was lucky enough to grow up around this majestic beverage. My parents were always so passionate about it. I love that someone can be so interested, so inspired and so strongly connected to discovering a new varietal, a new method or even just a new local coffee spot. What a beautiful way to spend five minutes of your day enjoying a beverage that so many people have worked towards. The farmers, growers, harvesters, transporters, suppliers, the buyers, the brewers and then someone right down the end of that line, sits the drinker. So simply sipping on this beverage, thinking about the day ahead, the day that’s passing by, the worries, troubles or joys of one’s life, makes it all seem so mystical. Well I think so anyway.

Not everyone would agree, and I appreciate that. I’m sure 75% of coffee drinkers wouldn’t think so much about the process or the coffee bean origin, maybe not even the actual finished product- the coffee. But I enjoy it. And I enjoy talking about it and sharing my passion with other enthusiasts.

Coffee in Australia is a big talking point, in places like Melbourne, it can drive a person to where to eat, where to shop and which way to travel to work. The perfect cup of coffee in Melbourne is a big talking point. That’s why I’ve decided to go in search of the finest coffee beans in Melbourne to spoil my friend for her birthday. I was sick of buying the same sorts of presents for my friends for their birthdays, I wanted to give them something I know they would use, and love. I wanted to buy off an Australian company. I found Cisco’s website and I know on many occasions I have drunk their coffee and enjoyed it, so I thought I would spoil my friend with some delicious Cisco’s coffee beans and a new coffee machine! Let’s just say she was more than thrilled with this gift and we both get to enjoy it!