Mission Hills Group Affiliates with the Leading Hotels of the World

Three Leading Five-Star Golf and Lifestyle Resorts Compliment Luxury Hospitality Organization Expansion in China

I am a golfing enthusiast, for most of my adult life. I am a keen traveller, and mixing the two for me is my idea of the perfect getaway. China Golf Experience has long been the base for my overseas trips away. My partner and I enjoy their golf resorts, (whenever we can, it’s a gift for one another) and all the facilities so much. The staff are always so attentive and so friendly. The food is delicious, accommodation deals are amazing, and importantly the golfing facilities, top class.

China’s Mission Hills Group owner and operator of the ‘World’s No. 1 Golf Club,’ formally partnered with the world’s largest luxury hospitality organization, The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), in a ceremony at the Group’s Hainan Island resort. I just so happened to be there at the time, so I managed to find out a lot more about these golfing resorts.

The partnership was signed at the new Mission Hills Resort on China’s southern Hainan Island – and extends to the Group’s two other five-star golf resorts in Shenzhen and Dongguan. Established in 1992 and celebrated as the cradle of golf development in China, Mission Hills has three independent hotels, each of which offers a fully-integrated resort destination.

“We’re delighted to welcome Mission Hills into The Leading Hotels of the World family and look forward to a long-standing and successful partnership,” said The Leading Hotels of the World’s President and CEO Ted Teng at the press event. “What unites our members are their unvarying quality and attention to detail and it’s clear that this is present with Mission Hills Resorts.”

Mission Hills Group’s Chairman and CEO Dr. Ken Chu said: “This partnership with The Leading Hotels of the World represents a formidable association of two of the world’s leading luxury lifestyle brands.”

“Mission Hills adds three very unique resort destinations to The Leading Hotels of the World’s collection – including a total of 22 championship courses designed by renowned players and architects, five-star hotels, award-winning spas and volcanic mineral springs, international convention centers, golf academies and a tennis complex with 51 outdoor courts.”

“At The Leading Hotels of the World, we know luxury travellers want to be more than pampered — when they travel, they want to be immersed in the local culture and to return home enriched from their experiences. Each of The Leading Hotels of the World celebrates the authenticity of its destination, rather than trying to mask it with corporate-mandated sameness,” added Mr.Teng.

That final quote captures the very essence of my travel desires. I enjoy visiting their luxury resorts, every time, without fail. Couldn’t recommend them enough for a golf vacation!

Making amends is as impressive as never failing

It was remarkable to see the recovery made by JG King Homes after a little mishap when they presented us with the plan of our custom home. We were the ones who initially presented them with the plan and how we wanted our property investment to be built and sent it in to them for confirmation. When they showed us the plan after they had put their expertise into it there were a few things missing from what we originally wanted. My partner and I looked at each other thinking that maybe we’d put our trust and our money into a company who weren’t as professional as they appeared.

 We were wrong.

The way that JG Kings turned this around was startling! They were so sincere in their apologies and were so adamant on making things right you’ll never guess what they did! Firstly, the man who was assisting us could not stop apologising and you could see the look on his face that showed disappointment and embarrassment. We were obviously expecting a bit more than just an apology but it was a good start. The guy started to offer us some compensation for the inconvenience caused and the compensation wasn’t just $20 or $30 off; instead, he offered us the option of having our appointment fees waived or he offered on behalf of the company to build a part of the house for absolutely no cost!

In all honesty, the issue was minor. It wouldn’t have taken long to fix what needed to be fixed but the fact that they were so apologetic and demanded to give us compensation of a very high level was so impressive.

In business, you can understand that there are always mistakes made but it is those companies who turn it around and make it right who succeed and JG King is certainly one of those companies.

JG Kings – you will forever be respected by us through your compensatory efforts.

An underrated gift with longevity

I work at a sporting goods store and oversee all the stock that comes in that we on sell to the public. The other day I saw that we had a new batch of sport towels come in that were from a different company to what we previously ordered our stock from. I opened the box and saw we had received them from a company called Allure Tex as opposed to the original company Corporate Essentials.

Once I touched these towels I could feel the difference and that is the truth! They were these soft microfiber towels that were so nice on the skin and would perfect for when you’ve had a hard work out and you’re sweating a lot. Apparently the microfiber towels soak the sweat up better without the towel becoming saturated and I can definitely see how this happens!

Three days ago I had a customer come in and ask for white towels as a Christmas gift to his brother. He said his brother was an avid runner and gym-goer and always needed new towels because he would sweat so much and the towels would lose their softness, colour and basically their purpose.

Of course, I proceeded to show him the new range from Allure Tex and spent a good fifteen minutes explaining to him the new range of towels, why they’re better than the normal ones we stock and why they will last longer. It was probably the easiest sale I’ve made in my time working in retail and I don’t think it was I spun a good story as to why the towels were good. This man studied the towels for around twenty minutes before deciding to buy them so I think Allure Tex are the ones who need to take credit!

After I made the sale I thought that I could use my staff discount to buy a few towels for my golf bag so I proceeded to do so.

Something tells me that whoever decided to get the towels from Allure Tex has made quite a good business decision.

Set your summer up

With the mercury heating up and the temperature reaching levels that calls for new clothing, Jxcess is ready to fit out your summer wardrobe.

Last year I used the Jxcess website to kick-start my summer clothing campaign and have never looked back since then. With an entire range of mens t shirts inclusive of the best vintage t shirts to suit your summer party, Jxcess are in vogue with the latest trends and know what to put on a man’s body. Buying t shirts online has been a big part of my summer for a few years now and it helps so much when you have a company that you can rely on to provide you with clothing that embraces the latest trends and fashions at an affordable price. Printed tees in a low cut, a tight fit or one with a mix of both; Jxcess will be sure to assist your summer shopping desires with class and ease.

I am lucky enough to know the owner and director of Jxcess, a guy named Jason Seidl who is a terrific guy. Jason is a hard-working, goal-driven young man with a passion and a zest for mens fashion. Knowing Jason growing up meant that I could see this passion and as soon as he said he was releasing his fashion label, I was hardly surprised. And I’m not saying I like the clothes Jxcess has because he is a close friend of mine, instead, I am being brutally honest in saying that he only sources the best materials for his clothes to ensure his clients experience durability and longevity.

Another thing I really like about Jxcess is the variety they provide especially for summer. It sometimes can be a big dilemma as to whether you want to wear a t-shirt or a singlet. Singlets are becoming a lot more acceptable in some places because of the fashion rejuvenation they’ve been given. There is no dilemma when it comes to Jxcess though because their range in both singlets and t-shirts is phenomenal.

It’s simple; a company that combines a willingness to provide good products in addition to top-level customer service is always going to be successful and it is so good to see that Jason has got the Jxcess brand heading in this direction.