The perfect gift for any occasion

If you’re looking for the perfect type of gift to give a brother, sister, friend or parent then Gecko Gear have the best products for you to choose from. All of Gecko Gear’s products are suited to the popular Apple products, be it an Apple iPad case, Macbook sleeve or iPod Fm transmitter.


Everyone has every Apple products these days so Gecko have come out on top and beaten everyone in supplying the products that customers want to buy. You could have an iPhone, an iPad, iPod or Macbook and Gecko have either a look-enhancing or a protection product available.

My son is obsessed with all his Apple products and he is only 14 years of age. He has an iPhone, iPod and Macbook all without protection so I decided to go on Google and type in Apple iPhone cases and the first company that appeared on Google was Gecko Gear. To me it made sense that the first company that comes up on Google is normally one that is very trust-worthy and must have a presentable website so I used Gecko Gear.

Being a mad Essendon supporter I knew my son would love an Essendon iPhone case so I bought him one. While I was on the website I decided to have a good look around (partly thanks to the usability of the website). The website sucked me in and I ended up splurging on multiple products for my son knowing that he’d get good use of them and could easily take his valuable goods to school with them being protected.

I just love having that confidence in my kids valuables (that I work hard to pay for) being safe and secure when they take them to high-risk places such as schools.

Using Gecko Gear products now has inspired me to spread the word to friends and family on what is a great idea for a gift for any occasion. Nowadays, everyone uses Apple products – whether you’re a kid going to school with your iPod, a teenager on their iPhone or an adult on their iPad for business; the Apple products have flooded the economy so what better gift to get someone than what Gecko Gear offer?

A big tick to Gecko Gear – a company that has demonstrated to me quality products matched with a quality service that will see me being a loyal customer for the long-term : )


Spoil Yourself With a gorgeous Kitchen

I’m forever the traditional gift giver- body products, good quality wines, fruit bowls, jewellery. It is all well and good to give these as presents, and to receive these as presents. Don’t get me wrong I am always appreciative of any kind of gift I receive. However this year I’ve changed my tune. I’ve decided this is the year to think outside the box, not only with gift giving, but just with life in general! So that is why this year, when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I had a better answer. Something I wanted, something I would use day in, day out and something I would enjoy! A brand new kitchen.

Well yes, perhaps it is not the most traditional gift, maybe it is a little more pricey than the old basket of goodies…but I say why not?

It was a fun process. I got to choose styles, colours and devices I liked. And we all worked on it together, to ensure, what we wanted aligned with what was possible for our budget and for our wants and needs.

My partner found the company that we decided to go with, Perennial Kitchens in Melbourne. They are a talented and experienced team that not only provide the best service, but create gorgeous, high quality kitchens.

The designer kitchens they have on display in their showrooms are a great example of their skills and expertise. And the friendly staff are more than happy to discuss options and prices with you. Every kitchen cabinet is made with precision and skill and you can feel comfortable that Perennial will carry out all kitchen renovations with very high standards.

I absolutely loved my birthday gift for this year. I get to not only look at it every day, but I also get to use it. It brightens and lightens the home and it is a joy to use! Would highly recommend this as a very unique gift!