Happy birthday to me!

This may sound (no pun intended) weird but for my birthday the best present that I got was these cool running headphones from my brother. He got them from this company called DuoBuds who I never heard of but after using the product first-hand, I needed to familiarise myself with where these headphones had come from.

The day after my birthday I went for my regular 5km run and this was the first time I used these headphones and although it doesn’t sound (again, no pun intended) like a big deal, the quality of the headphones was unbelievable. They were the perfect length and weren’t like those ordinary headphones that get tangled easily and lose their quality. The clarity of the sound was also an amazing feature as the music blared into my ears as well as it ever has before and I was motivated to run harder.

When I got home from the run I called my brother and thanked him so much for getting me such a good present. Although the regular Iphone headphones are high quality, these ones had a different feeling to them. It was almost like my ears were plugged into a high quality speaker and the music was flowing through so clearly.

I asked my brother where the closest DuoBuds store was (thinking it must be in Chadstone, Chapel Street or the city) but he said he was able to buy headphones online and the delivery of the headphones was so soon after he purchased. And as you know, shopping online makes it so much easier for yourself, friends and family!

My girlfriend’s birthday was a week after mine and I had already had something big planned for her but I thought seeing as she’s a running machine (like I try to be) maybe I’ll get her some headphones. And so I did, and since she’s used them she has boasted about how good they are and now we can make going for runs the most romantic experience ever!

It looks as if no-one has to waste their time anymore searching for expensive, long-lasting headphones because of the emergence of DuoBuds.

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