The perfect gift for my man on his special day

It’s always so hard to buy a birthday present that you know your boyfriend will absolutely love. Whether its aftershave, a shirt or money – you can’t buy the same thing every year.

My man is a keen golfer and surfer and spends every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday doing one or the other. If you think cleverly about it, the common thing between golf and surfing is a towel and I knew that because he surfs and plays so much, this present would be perfect for him.

I typed in Sports towels on Google and the 3rd page that appeared was a company called Alluretex. You may be thinking why I didn’t go to the 1st or 2nd link that appeared on the page but I can tell you it was because they were these stupid ads that I didn’t trust and didn’t like the look of so I ventured down a bit and type Alluretex. The title and description was very neat and tidy so I clicked on the link and was brought to this huge towel directory! Beach towels, wholesale towels, white towels – you name it!

There was so much variety in the towels you could buy I didn’t know where to begin! The website was so easy to use and the towels were extremely affordable so I didn’t hesitate in splurging a little on my main man! I bought him this beautiful beach towel for when he goes surfing and a couple of sports towels (one for his golf and one for when he goes for a run). He’s been using the bathroom towels for surfing and golf and I wasn’t happy about that so it was time to do something.

Four business days later when the towels arrived they were neatly packaged in a secure box and everything was included that needed to be. I opened the box to wrap it and the towels were made out of this unbelievably soft and smooth material that makes you want to wear them all day.

I couldn’t wait to give my boyfriend the towels and when he got them, he absolutely loved them.

Well done Alluretex – I advise people to make the most of their cheap prices!