Treat your kids with an outdoor playground from Lifespan Kids

I’m becoming increasingly worried about the sedentary lifestyle that kids in the modern age are veering towards. Taking this non-active and unhealthy path is becoming too easy with the availability of electronic products on the market. Playstations, iPads, Wii – you name it; it’s all contributing to the demise of the so-called healthy Australian population.

cubby1-279x300I decided to take it upon myself and contact Lifespan Kids for some outdoor playground equipment for my kids in the backyard. I went on to their website and saw the fantastic range of children products they offered. They offered just about anything a kid would want in their backyard whether it was a trampoline, cubby or even a sandpit.

Another amazing thing was that they combined a lot of these into one big playground set that could provide the kids with a variety of activities and keep them outside for longer. Remember, as a parent, my main focus is to keep my kids away from the sedentary lifestyle that so many kids are going towards. I do not want them inside playing on all the electronic products that have swamped young children. I want my kids to have a fine balance and a balance that focuses on them having the most fun they can whilst keeping in a good physical condition.

When I explained to Lifespan Kids what my aim of purchasing playground equipment from them was they completely agreed to me and explained that they shared the same philosophy. It was so refreshing to hear a company as impressive as Lifespan Kids to share the same thoughts as me.

I want to extend a big thank you to Lifespan Kids for embodying an important philosophy that is aimed at keeping young kids and families healthy and active. The broader community is going too quickly towards the obesity and unhealthy living and it is time that this is changed. If you share the same thoughts as me, please don’t hesitate to comment!