Buying Boots for Women

I work in film and television as a costume designer’s assistant. It sort of sound glamorous but I spend my life tracking down this and that bit of jewellery or clothing. It has made me a pretty damn good shopper; online, offline, variety shops…. you name it; I know my way around.

You pick up a few little handy hints along the way. For instance when it comes to buying boots for women I don’t mess around. I know I can get a great pair of new boots for women affordable from Womens Shoes. If the cast member is available I can take them into a shop, if not I can just order a bunch and send back whatever doesn’t work. are a breeze to work with and their massive range makes it really easy to find whatever I need.

Buy Jeans Online, Seriously

Buying jeans online is simple and something of a no brainer. You know what size you wear, what brands you like and most quality companies have really generous returns policies. Going into stores is just not that fun, at least for me who is pretty time poor and is much more into the results end of shopping. It’s not that I don’t love a good process, shopping just isn’t that for me.

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