Having a well organised office party pays off

How does one make certain your workplace end of year Christmas party is problem free? Here is some advice:

1. Food
Whether it is making sure a vegetarian choice is available or having the ability to please people that have food allergies, or just grabbing a range of burgers or the best Italian in Melbourne, the food can actually make or break an office celebration! Do not neglect to appeal to conditions that are different. An office gives itself to various nutritional conditions, therefore speak about the food options to be sure that you provide enough choices for all involved.

2. Booze
When it is a business occasion, you should remember to reach that equilibrium that is wonderful without it becoming too cluttered. Select some alcohol that can get workers into the Xmas spirit, but make certain that you have a lot of alternatives that are non-alcoholic to keep everybody content and hydrated.

3. Manners
Company occasions is an HR mine-field! Ensure everyone is on their best behavior. You may consistently send a business-wide e-mail prior to any office occasion, aiming the kind of conduct that will not be taken as well as what’s asked of your workers.

Employees may possibly lose sight of the results, thus ensure that proper behavior is top of mind, when they are allowing free and joyful! Do not be overly hard-and-fast – a tad of frivolity performing that is improper and basic frivolity is good. Just be certain that instructions are honored and that nobody is made to feel uneasy.

4. Location
To have a good party, you need to be in a good environment. Private function rooms Melbourne are available only when booking early. Booking 2-3 months in advance is the ideal situation, you do not want to leave it to the last minute and miss out because your local function room has already been booked out.

Head straight to Elpor for the best relocatable homes and granny flats

My wife and I were looking at renovating our home just recently.

It’s the home we’ve lived in for close to 15 years and it’s just getting a bit small for us and our four kids. We love the place, so rather than leave we thought we’d just extend out the back of the property. Then we found an even better solution. A company by the name of Elpor who specialise in really great granny flats and relocatable homes for a fraction of the price of actually renovating your house.

Granny flats are self-contained with their own electrical and plumbing and are actually quite spacious, and we figured a large one of those in the back yard would be perfect for our eldest two boys, who are now teenagers and would appreciate their own space. They come complete with a veranda and front porch, sliding wardrobes, en-suite and ended up being exactly what we needed in order to free up some space, lucky we have an awesome electrician and plumber that hooked us up with that part of the installation.

The boys can have friends over for sleepovers, and don’t worry – we make them clean up after themselves!

If you’re looking for something similar, I definitely recommend giving Elpor a call and seeing the relocatable homes and granny flats they’ve got on offer. All the flat are custom made in their Melbourne factory so I’m sure you can find something suitable you like.