Yarra Valley Winery Tour By Chrysler Limousine

Winery tours by limousine in the Yarra Valley – is there any other way to do a winery tour!  Not for me from now on.  Forget the crowds and drunkards.  HummerHireMelbourne.com.au organised our winery tour by limousine in the Yarra Valley from start to finish.

Our first stop in our Hummer was the Coldstream Brewery.  We started by sampling all their beers on tap.  From there we cruised to our set of pre-arranged wineries as well as a couple our driver had strongly recommended.

With Limousine Hire Melbourne your get the red carpet experience to make our Yarra Valley winery tour amazing, pardon the pun.   A great day was had by all, for your next winery tour of the Yarra Valley do it in style ….wine tours by limousine.