Melbourne Removalists That Are There When You Need Them

Good service is good service and it’s pretty straight forward really. I think everyone recognises when they have had a great experience with a company and it shouldn’t go unappreciated.

We had Melbourne Cheap Removers out over the weekend helping us move homes. They were right on time and really friendly. They had plenty of good tips to help us when we were carrying and loading our own cars because they are the professionals, but obviously they did the bulk of the difficult work (and made it look easy). The whole move was much quicker and smoother than we had expected. They took their time and were careful but still managed to work really efficiently and that was great. For Melbourne removalists go to

The perfect gift for my man on his special day

It’s always so hard to buy a birthday present that you know your boyfriend will absolutely love. Whether its aftershave, a shirt or money – you can’t buy the same thing every year.

My man is a keen golfer and surfer and spends every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday doing one or the other. If you think cleverly about it, the common thing between golf and surfing is a towel and I knew that because he surfs and plays so much, this present would be perfect for him.

I typed in Sports towels on Google and the 3rd page that appeared was a company called Alluretex. You may be thinking why I didn’t go to the 1st or 2nd link that appeared on the page but I can tell you it was because they were these stupid ads that I didn’t trust and didn’t like the look of so I ventured down a bit and type Alluretex. The title and description was very neat and tidy so I clicked on the link and was brought to this huge towel directory! Beach towels, wholesale towels, white towels – you name it!

There was so much variety in the towels you could buy I didn’t know where to begin! The website was so easy to use and the towels were extremely affordable so I didn’t hesitate in splurging a little on my main man! I bought him this beautiful beach towel for when he goes surfing and a couple of sports towels (one for his golf and one for when he goes for a run). He’s been using the bathroom towels for surfing and golf and I wasn’t happy about that so it was time to do something.

Four business days later when the towels arrived they were neatly packaged in a secure box and everything was included that needed to be. I opened the box to wrap it and the towels were made out of this unbelievably soft and smooth material that makes you want to wear them all day.

I couldn’t wait to give my boyfriend the towels and when he got them, he absolutely loved them.

Well done Alluretex – I advise people to make the most of their cheap prices!

Spoil Yourself With a gorgeous Kitchen

I’m forever the traditional gift giver- body products, good quality wines, fruit bowls, jewellery. It is all well and good to give these as presents, and to receive these as presents. Don’t get me wrong I am always appreciative of any kind of gift I receive. However this year I’ve changed my tune. I’ve decided this is the year to think outside the box, not only with gift giving, but just with life in general! So that is why this year, when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I had a better answer. Something I wanted, something I would use day in, day out and something I would enjoy! A brand new kitchen.

Well yes, perhaps it is not the most traditional gift, maybe it is a little more pricey than the old basket of goodies…but I say why not?

It was a fun process. I got to choose styles, colours and devices I liked. And we all worked on it together, to ensure, what we wanted aligned with what was possible for our budget and for our wants and needs.

My partner found the company that we decided to go with, Perennial Kitchens in Melbourne. They are a talented and experienced team that not only provide the best service, but create gorgeous, high quality kitchens.

The designer kitchens they have on display in their showrooms are a great example of their skills and expertise. And the friendly staff are more than happy to discuss options and prices with you. Every kitchen cabinet is made with precision and skill and you can feel comfortable that Perennial will carry out all kitchen renovations with very high standards.

I absolutely loved my birthday gift for this year. I get to not only look at it every day, but I also get to use it. It brightens and lightens the home and it is a joy to use! Would highly recommend this as a very unique gift!

Christmas isn’t the same unless you get what you want

There is no better feeling than putting a smile on a young kids face on Christmas morning. Every year there are plenty of kids who miss out on Christmas gifts because of affordability issues and Christmas Hampers Sydney has identified this issue and endeavour to provide a range of affordable hampers to anyone who is in need. The hampers come in a delicious (no pun intended) range including corporate hampers, gift hampers or food hampers and you can even tailor your own hamper to ensure you get exactly what you want on the biggest day of the year.

Being an avid shopper come Christmas time I am always looking to reduce my spending and maximise the quality of my purchases. I always buy presents for my children, for my friends and for a lot of work colleagues because I have such a strong belief in the fact that those closest to you and the ones that help you out should always be rewarded on what I believe to be the most important day of the year. It is a day during the year where all family and sometimes friends get together and respect our religion and understand how fortunate we are to have each other and to celebrate each other’s company. As for my work colleagues, I believe they are the key cog in my business and because they do such a good job, I provide them with a Yarra River Cruise with unlimited finger food every Christmas and believe they should be equally rewarded.

After last year’s shopping extravaganza and my debut with Christmas Hampers, I cannot wait to make my Christmas purchases from them again. My two daughters were so happy with the hamper I got them, one was full of chocolates and lollies and the other full of little toys. The variety was amazing and tailoring your own Christmas hamper was something that made life a lot easier!


Stylish & Modern Glass Pool Fencing

I recently thought I’d surprise my partner and invest in a new pool fence as a surprise for his birthday- not the typical present, but he absolutely loves he backyard and has been hinting at one for a while now. I received a few quotes and decided on Haven Fencing in Melbourne. They seemed like a very reputable company, had a great variety of options available and quoted me a very reasonable price.

The glass pool fencing Melbourne specialists did such a fantastic job with not only arriving on time, carrying out the job in the allocated time frame, but they were really friendly and professional. We have now decided to go with them and invest in automatic sliding gates for the driveway as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any fencing solutions.

Kitchen Renovations Make A Happy Wife

What more could I ask for than the perfect kitchen for my birthday? I absolutely adore our newly refurbished kitchen. The kitchen designs that the Perennial team came up with were perfect for our lifestyle, home and budget. The kitchen cabinet options almost blew my mind, whatever I wanted seemed possible. They have such a great selection of modern and traditional options with all the latest in convenient options and extras.

The kitchen renovations didn’t take as long as I expected either. They were efficient and were on time. They did what they say they would and when they said would. I really love the way it flows into the rest of our home too, I think they have done a superb job and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Gorgeous & Jam Packed Christmas Hampers

Jam packed Christmas Hampers are a great gift for family and friends over the festive season. Christmas Hampers have traditionally been a fun gift to receive, but even more so with these fantastic options offered on this website. The hampers vary in size, price and contents.

Choose the style of hamper that suits your recipient best. If they love chocolates and lollies, fill a hamper with that. If they love their wine- spoil them with some wine. The choice is up to you and the options are endless. I love this gift hampers idea! And I love the fact I don’t have to drive around and shop all day for the perfect gifts for all my family and friends around the busy Christmas time. And the best thing is I can get organised right now and not be stressed in the last few weeks before Christmas.

Why Not Surprise Someone With Home Renovation As A Unique Gift?

I know it’s maybe not the typical gift to give to a partner for their birthday or Christmas. But I kind of like the idea. If it’s something they want, it’s something they will definitely use and I’m sure it’s something they will appreciate. Well I sure did! The bathroom renovation I recently got for my birthday present is a gift that keeps on giving!

I love the beautiful design, the modern amenities, the space it’s created, it all makes for such a lovely change. It’s so luxurious and every morning I still can’t believe I have a brand new bathroom that is exactly what I’ve always wanted.

The bathroom renovation was done by a company called Home Extend, and they were so professional, friendly and efficient throughout the entire process. They do bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations – I think all kinds of home renovation.  My partner organised the whole thing and it turned out perfectly. I would definitely recommend this company for any type of home renovation.

Look No Further For Christmas Gifts That Will Impress

I never thought Christmas hampers would be the answer to Christmas shopping for family, friends and colleagues. But it really is! I found this fantastic Christmas Hampers Brisbane website and it is a website full of great gift ideas. There are corporate gift hampers, Christmas hampers and hampers that will no doubt suit any male or female, of any age. The variety is perfect if you need to buy a few, and don’t want the same standard hamper going out to all your friends and family.

I love that the website makes it easy to view the gift hampers and the contents and see the price clearly. So it’s perfect if you want to spend different amounts on different people and it’s perfect if you want to spoil your friends and family with a huge basket of goodies. Love this idea and love the fact I don’t have to go shopping in the hectic shopping centre wandering around for hours trying to get all my Christmas shopping done in time!